Why NOW is the right (and the BEST) time to pursue your passion

Many of us at this very moment have no commitments. We don’t have to feel guilty about not studying 10 hours straight, nor do we have to fret about being on time for work. The world has stopped for many, not all, but the majority. And what are you doing to keep busy? Although no one is under any obligation to be undertaking tasks every second of the day, a lot of people, like myself, will let likely be feeling as though they are wasting precious time that could be put to good use.

Constantly pressuring myself to be productive is a task in itself. I hate not being constructive, and lounging around for a whole day on the sofa in front of the TV would personally be my worst nightmare. But of course, if this is what you enjoy then carry right on. I admit some days just do be like that, even for me! However, if you are seeking to make the most of your time during lockdown, I have created a list of ways you can persue this below, along with the reasons behind them.

So, why is NOW the right time to start my business/blog/content creating venture?

All the time in the world to invest in one major project – you do the math. Since I began my blog just over a week ago and I’ve loved every minute of it. I’ve met (virtually, that is) some incredible people, and am already collaborating on upcoming content with a few! I have also received much more support than I could have ever imagined, which I honestly did not think would happen. It just goes to show how kind people can be, and moreover, who you can rely on to help you on your new adventures! By being able to dedicate a large proportion of your days towards creating quality content, it would be a no-brainer not to take advantage of being able to easily share your ideas/hobbies with the world, Realistically, there are dozens of platforms to promote your work, so you have no excuse!!

But.. I’m scared about what people will say

Whether it’s art, writing, modelling, fashion designing, cooking, content creating or any other side hustle- make it your own now! And if it doesn’t workout?You can always try something else, cant you? These no harm in it. Or, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again. Just go for it, jump straight in… you never know – it might work out!

Love El xx

Published by Eleanor

Living in England as a teenager, trying to be as positive as I possibly can whilst currently fathoming my way through the first year of an undergraduate deree, holding down 2 part time job as well as spontaneously starting a blog!

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