A Science: Why Your Motivation (or lack there of) Could Be Determined By The Weather

It may sound stupid, but hear me out. This week is set to be a scorcher here in England, and it’s easy enough to predict many people will be out and about walking, cycling, jogging or playing sports (basically anything we are permitted to do at this current point in time). But why? The obvious answer would be to suggest countless individuals merely just enjoy the glorious weather, and it would be simply deemed a waste to pass up the opportunity of a gorgeous day in the sunshine. Of course, they’re not wrong, but in reality the real answer could go much deeper than this.


Think about it, you wake up in the morning and open your curtains, and the first thing you see is the weather. If it was raining, that means a day indoors, bathing in artificial light rather than natural. On the other hand, if the sun was to be beaming back at you, the possibilities of the day are now much less restricted. There are many more activities you could partake in, and your day will more than likely be much more happier in general.


A lack of light impacts on your mood no doubt. When you sleep, you’re used to darkness filling the space, so therefore a dark day will more than likely encourage your motivation to slacken since you could be more sleepy than usual. Apparently, we associate darkness with sleep, and so this reflects the reasons why we are so disengaged on rainier days!

No Physical Activity

“Exercise produces endorphins, endorphins make you happy… happy people just don’t shoot their husbands!”

Elle Woods

As Elle would say, working out makes us feel happier and fulfilled, so whilst some people are still able to exercise in doors, the individuals who choose to do this outside may suffer due to the weather. Funny thing isn’t it, something so out of our control determining how we feel on a day to day basis?

I hope you all enjoyed this read, it was so interesting to research and write! Make sure to like and subscribe for updates on PART 2 – how to stay motivated even if it’s raining

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