How I achieved salon looking hair for just £2

Disclaimer: The “friend” spoken about throughout this piece IS someone I am currently living with, and so I am able to go within 2 metres of her to style her hair. I am also NOT trained in hairdressing, and so would give you the same warning I gave her: please only try this at your own discretion, read the safety instructions before hand, and please do not hold me responsible for any mishaps! Thank you lovelies x

Many of us have been coming to the realisation recently of how much we rely on our hairdressers working their magic for an hour every 6-10 weeks – it’s the little things we miss!! I was talking to my “friend” the other day, who was telling me how she was worried about how grown out her roots are, and that she feels her appearance is crumbling without her beloved blow-dry every once in a while. I decided to help her resolve the bad hair months (not even day) she had been experiencing, and so began researching the best way to do so.

Grey Roots

Box dye does the trick for this. I know many people, myself included, are skeptical about using box dye, but I can honestly conclude it’s not all the horror stories you’re told when you suggest the idea to your stylist. The cheapest, and most successful box dye I have tested is the schwarzkopf permanent which you can find online using the attached link, or if you are able to get to the shops Home Bargains and Morrisons also sell it. At £2 it’s an absolute steal, especially for £50 results. The brand distributes a variety of shades, and also has different levels of dye. If you are still nervous about giving it a try, Schwarzkopf sell a semi-permanent or even one wash out box, to give you an idea of the intensity of the colouring.

PLUS… hair treatments

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve come to find that using hair treatments such as coconut oil in the roots or on the ends of your hair can actually be really beneficial for maintaining both your hair’s growth stimulation and all around health and shine. There are plenty of hair masks you can also purchase (most of them pretty affordable too), but if you don’t fancy heading to the shops in times like these, I have attached below a hair mask recipe you can quickly whisk up yourself at home!

Love El xx

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