Top 5 Cafes To Visit In Sheffield

I’ve been wanting to create this post for so long now, and since, like pubs, cafes will be reopening on the 4th of July, it only seems fitting to do so now! I pretty much run on caffiene 99% of the time, the other 1% being the 8 hours of sleep I treat myself to, so I feel as though I have gathered a pretty rich knowledge in the best places to get your coffee fix in Sheffield.

5. T H E G R I N D

Situated in the centre of Kelham Island, The Grind is accessible from a number of areas in the city, and is easy to reach through public transport or by car. The cafe itself boasts a vast breakfast menu, including the moor delicious pancakes with a variety of toppings. Additionally, each item on the menu is actually unique to The Grind itself, with interesting combinations that, in reality, really do work with each other to give the most incredible flavours.

4. T H E H I D D E N G E M

This independant retailer quite literally lives up to it’s name, as it’s practically impossible to find- unless you know where it is, that is! And yes, it most certainly can be identified as a little gem amongst a sea of coal. With both indoor and outdoor seating, there is quite literally no excuse not to pay a visit to this pretty little place. If you do opt for visiting on a weekend be warned you may face a little bit of a wait, since the food is that popular. However, the main characteristic of which really draws me to The Hidden Gem is during the week, the cafe is run by Work LTD – a charity for adults with learning disabilities. I really really love this, everyone who works there is so super friendly too!

3. C A W A

I discovered Cawa Coffee during the start of lockdown, and haven’t been able to keep away since. With a large choice of beverages, including the famous juice bar (a small area of the cafe of which you as the customer are able to pick from a hugeeee list of items to be combined into a healthy smoothie) this cafe really does have something for everyone. What really drew me to this place in particular though, was the incredible display of pastries and breads in the window! Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen croissants as big as the ones at Cawa, and don’t even get me started on the pain au chocolat. Since my birthday ended up being in lockdown, I ended up going to get some of these goods for brunch on my special day, and I was defiantly not disappointed! The cafe is currently operating a 2 customers at one time only policy to ensure social distancing measures are abided by, making me feel pretty safe when I pay them a visit.

2. H O W E S T

Coming in at number 2 is Howe St. Positioned bang opposite Sheffield Hallam University city campus, the coffee house is always a bustle with students and commuters. The staff are always so super accommodating, smiley and happy to help with any requests you may have. Due to the place itself being so popular, you can actually book in advance for a table which I find pretty handy – this is the first cafe I’ve known to do this! Many businesses usually pick this spot to take a lunch break, since the business offers a huge choice of breakfast, lunch and drinks. The cafe also chooses to focus on providing small acts of kindness, which I love love love! On arrival you are greeted by a a waiter/waitress who will tell you a table available (as like in every cafe), but then they will bring you a complimentary glass of water, and take your order. The coffees are also served in glasses rather than mugs, another unique difference in comparison to other cafes around the city.

1. S E B A S T I A N S

The bright blue cafe found on Sharrow Vale will always be my favourite! I think me and my family have been going here for maybe just over a year now?? (It may be more than that I genuinely have lost track). Famous for it’s huge selection of brownies (for me personally it always has to be triple-chocolate brownie!) the retailer is always bustling with happy customers, as even lockdown hasn’t stopped the regulars from ordering online! I have never seen so many different flavours of brownie, some of my favourites include; Triple-Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Sea-Salt Caramel, Biscoff AND the Vanilla Cheesecake is THE best (but this usually seems to sell out super quick so you have to be fast!). Additionally, the toasted sandwiches are GORGEOUS! The combinations the team there have put together compliment each other incredibly well, I am yet to try the cold sandwiches, but everyone I know who has, has commented on hw delicious they are. Breakfast here is also a hit with me and my family, they do something for everyone! Furthermore, the lovely staff at Sebastians are always a pleasure to converse with, I look forward to seeing them every week and having a catch up! They are honestly so accommodating and friendly, I cannot recommend them enough.

Love El xx


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