Body Blendz: An Honest Review

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Body Blendz Ltd, however below IS an HONEST review of the product I was kindly *gifted. I have not been encouraged to say any positives about the item, nor is it required that I do so. I am very lucky to have received such gifts from BodyBlendz, and am well aware of the nature of this post.

Since lockdown began, I’ve ended up spending a great deal of my time in the outdoors, particularly sunbathing in the warm weather. Consequently, as some of you may have noticed, I’ve ended up with pretty tanned skin… more than ever before it seems! I’ve been asked numerous times; How is it you keep your skin from beginning to peel, whilst maintaining it’s healthy glow?? I will admit, AfterSun is great for this, however I’ve come to find a new favourite in the Australian company, BodyBlendz.

What Is The Product You Will Be Reviewing Today?

The skin specialist brand boasts a wide range of products to help tackle acne and dry skin. Today I am going to discuss one product in particular named as ‘Oily Love’.

What Were Your First Thoughts?

I was sceptical at first about using oil on my skin, as I read online that this can encourage pores to become clogged, therefore encouraging acne on the face and body. Upon arrival, the packaging itself was pretty sweet. It came with a personalised business card and did not appear to be damaged or used. Since I live in the UK, delivery did take a little longer than expected, but hey, it has come from the other side of the world so its not a big deal! The idea of using the oil is to exfoliate before use, so that is exactly what I did on my arms and legs. The oil itself was easy to rub in, though it didn’t soak up as quickly as I would have liked. My legs felt pretty oily for a while and I didn’t want to sit down in case it got everywhere. Finally, after the majority of the product had dried, I slept on it.

The Results?

Now, this is the best part. When I woke up, my body was so smooth! There was a noticeable difference in how glowing my legs and arms were in comparison to my stomach and face. The oil had really been able to hydrate these areas in particular, and therefore had really made the previous tanning of my skin POP. I am very impressed with the results of the Body Blendz Oily Love body oil, and will be ordering more when I run out – speaking of which, the product itself is defiantly worth the money you pay. I am pleased with the amount of content within such a small bottle, even if I sued this every day, I don’t think I will need to order any more for a long time.

P.S. For a limited time only, you can now receive 20% off your next order using the code: SUMMER

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