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Lmao so much has gone OFF this week, I need to get it all down in one post… not sure how easy this will be but we go on. First off, I went to go get the car fixed on Saturday (4/7/2020) thinking it would be a 20 minute job, maybe 30 at the most. This was mostly due to the fact that the radio needed some sort of “safe code” to turn it on, so I genuinely thought they’d give it me straight away. But you know, being a woman an’ all, I was clearly way off the mark as apparently it takes 2 hours to press 4 buttons! But fine, it’s all ok, this gave me an opportunity to venture into town and go get coffee anyways, which was absolutely fine with me. Also can I just add, WHY is it when you finally leave the house looking like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards that you end up seeing the WHOLE of your social circle, plus like 100 Leonardo DiCaprio lookalikes??

The rest of Saturday was pretty fun in all honesty. I ended up going to town in the evening with my friends, and I can conclude I forgot how much I miss going out. Everyone was being respectful of the rule and what-not, though having a killer hangover the next morning was not my favourite part of the experience. By the way, highly recommending Turtle Bay for food and also availability right now, their halloumi fries are AMAZING, they’re definitely up there with my top 3 favourite foods ever. It felt great to finally be able to communicate with someone in person, rather than over a screen.

HAHAHAHA you will not believe what happened Sunday. Ok so:

1. My horoscope came true

2. I broke one of the most expensive items I own ūüė¶

3. I found out someone I trusted LIED to me…

Lets explain point 1 in more detail first off. Work contacted me and delighted me with the news that my furlough was to FINALLY come through at the end of July… 4 months too late but you know what, it’s all good.

Yeah, so that was pretty good, I genuinely thought I would be quids in after all that, until my laptop decided to break! It now will not turn on no mater what I do, so I’ve been confined to using our old HP laptop for now. I’ve had to triple proofread this post as the keys are so bad to type with.

And as for the liar, it’s a touchy subject. I don’t need to say much more, they know what they’ve done and now they’re going to have to live with the guilt.

On a more positive note, the weather is set to be gorgeous this week, so fingers crossed I’ll be able to follow through with the arrangements I’ve got planned!

Love El xxx

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Living in England as a teenager, trying to be as positive as I possibly can whilst currently fathoming my way through the first year of an undergraduate deree, holding down 2 part time job as well as spontaneously starting a blog!

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