It’s Been A While…

I know a certain person has been waiting for this post for a while now, thinking I may write about them… and just to let you know, I haven’t decided whether I should yet. I guess some things should be kept private, the whole world does not need to know your every move online, particularly when everything you post stays there, forever.

I apologise for the break I have taken from the virtual world, and promise I am back for good now – only as I’m sure you may have seen, I have been fortunate enough to travel to Cornwall this past 2 weeks. For me, a holiday isn’t a holiday if you stick to the same routine you have back home, and so therefore blogging was not to be a part of the stay. I was meant to post this update last week, but have honestly been so incredibly busy there simply hasn’t been the right time. I do not want to rush a piece and create poor quality content, so it therefore makes sense to wait a while.

I’ve had a couple readers ask for stories about Cornwall, the best places to go etc. I promise you I am getting onto it, but we are currently having the bathroom redone at our place, so things are pretty full on. On the bright side, I PASSED my driving test!!!!!!! I am so so so relieved I no longer have that burden hanging over me, particularly if we go into another lockdown, I’m pretty sure I’d have probably lots hope with all the extra waiting involved. I still find it strange how I could have been passed way back in March, but here we are, 10th of August 2020, 5 months later, with a full driving license. I can’t lie, I was a little offended in Cornwall when the waiter didn’t believe it was me on my ID… meanwhile Alycia was using my old fake and they let her in just fine for 20.. she’s 16.

Enjoying the hot weather this week, it’s such a shame it is due to turn as we go on. I was talking to one particular person I met during my stay in the South, and he said it’s way worse down there than up here, I hope it doesn’t stay that way. I need to get off my ass and actually do something productive today now, so until then, I’ll leave you to make of this little rant what you will.

Love El xx

Published by Eleanor

Living in England as a teenager, trying to be as positive as I possibly can whilst currently fathoming my way through the first year of an undergraduate deree, holding down 2 part time job as well as spontaneously starting a blog!

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