Long time no see… again?

Sometimes life just gets in the way, you know? It is important to take time away from living in a digital world, and come back to reality, whether that be good or bad. I have a lot to update on, in fact too much to even apprehend all in one go. I’ve decided to make diary updates in a new section I’ve been working on for a couple weeks now. I’m going to be discussing everything from starting a new chapter at university, to reflecting on old memories and most importantly discussing the HUGE battle I’ve been having with myself in my head recently… I just need to put it all down in words before I overthink everything as I usually do.

So, where have I been? When I say here, there and everywhere, I really couldn’t be more right. Since writing the post It’s Been A While, I’ve either been way too busy to even think about turning my attention to writing again, or the small matter of not actually having a laptop for a while put all the ideas I have for the blog on hold. But, not matter, I’m back now, attempting to establish some sort of routine juggling blogging, university, work, friends and family.

What’s happening at the moment?

This morning I officially “started” university… from my bed. Who’d have ever thought the future class of 2023 would ever be able to attend lectures in their pyjamas? Although, to be fair, who’d have thought I, Eleanor Hall, would ever actually be going to university at all? I promise you, if you’d have told that Year 9 me I would have never believed you, but then again what really is Year 9 except from one big blur? At one point during the past couple weeks I genuinely could not decided whether university was even something I wanted to doing anymore. Do you ever want something so much that when it comes to it you’re no longer keen on the idea? That was me. I’m not so conflicted anymore, and I’m always going to have doubts, purely because that’s the sort of person I am, but someone did tell me the other day I’ve just got to go for it, and if it really isn’t the right decision, i can always change my mind.

What are you studying?

In the end, after months of deliberation I’ve decided to take a teaching course at Sheffield Hallam. It was originally going to be journalism at The University Of Schef, purely because of the competition I won with the BBC earlier this year.. but in a practical sense how many jobs are there in that particular job sector? I’m not saying I don’t believe in myself, I think I do have self-belief, but I tend to value reassurance of practically over day dreaming about ideas that may be impossible to reach. I can still continue to manifest my energy into my blog, writing for The Telegraph etc, but I will also be earning a teaching degree with sure job prospects at the end of it, so it really is a win win all around.

Yes! I passed my driving test in August, so everyone stay off the roads when I’m out please and thank you x 

I’m kidding! In all fairness I’ve been told a couple times that I’m a pretty decent driver, and I finally even got an aux cable… there’s only so long I could listen to Capital FM every time I went out. Tried to fill the petrol up the other week, didn’t particularly go according to plan. Alan always tells me to lock the doors when I get in the car, you know, in case anyone tries to get me lmao, so that is what I do. However, when I got to the petrol station, I forgot to unlock them again, so the petrol cap was no coming off any time soon. Pretty embarrassing for me considering I had to drive back out, phone Alan, then drive back in only to get made fun of by the guy at the till, safe to say I won’t be doing that again in a hurry. 

Anyways, that’s all for now, but keep a look out for much more content, and even some surprises coming online very soon 🙂

Love El xx

Published by Eleanor

Living in England as a teenager, trying to be as positive as I possibly can whilst currently fathoming my way through the first year of an undergraduate deree, holding down 2 part time job as well as spontaneously starting a blog!

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