5 simple habits to implement into your morning routine right NOW – part 1

I can imagine your initial thoughts of this post may be curiosity or intrigued, or even what habits are so important that Eleanor needs to demand I should use them. It may seem a little forward, and I really do not mean it to come across that way, but after being away for so long, trying these techniques out for myself, I had to share my secret to a motivated morning with my readers. I promise you – this is no cliché.

I’d also like to start off by saying, whilst I was writing this article, I realised the amount of information I wanted to fit in to such a small space was so overwhelming that, I must create a second publishing to proceed the first, hence the “part 1” element today’s writing.

I was inspired to create this publishing after how many compliments I received online and at work regarding my work ethic, every time I tell people I have 3 jobs, they never know how I do it or even what to say! And that’s before I tell them I’m also studying a degree… See, it really is all about how you start off each day; get out on the wrong side of bed, with the incorrect mindset, and unfortunately your day will proceed in the same manner as you choose to view it. On the other hand, if you seize every day like it’s your last, take it as an opportunity to start something new and choose to find the good in the challenges presented to you, watch how things suddenly start to go your way. I read a really inspiring manifestation blog post the other day, written by a good friend Georgina (you can find her blog HERE). She claims that “We get out of the universe what we put into it”, and I tell you what, nothing has ever made more sense to me right now. 

At first, I think I brushed past the idea, a little confused, not really contemplating the seriousness of the statement. Yes, read it again. We get out of the universe what we put into it. And it is so true! Work hard, and by means of deferred gratification, your efforts will pay off eventually. Don’t try, and unfortunately rewards may not come as easily. Luckily, I have surrounded myself with an amazing set of people, coming from all different walks of life, but all with similarities in that they work for what they have earnt. Unless you live in a fairy tale (or you reside to upper class status, of course), nothing comes handed to you on a plate, you’ve got to go out and get it for yourself. Anyway, motivational speech aside, here are my top 5 habits to a healthy, productive and successful day:

1. Have a consistent wake up time

Although I’d love to, I cannot take credit for thinking this one up. After listening to @emilyelizabeths ‘s podcast this Tuesday, I decided to give the idea a try for myself before sharing online, and I have to say, it really does work! It’s important to note, by a constant time to get up I literally mean, set yourself a time for every day of the week and make yourself get out of bed at that time (I’ll talk more about how to force yourself out of bed further into this post). That being said, please don’t forget to give yourself a break. In an ideal world, I would have Monday – Friday waking up at 6am and keep the weekends free for my leisure. However, when working one day at the weekend, I tend to have my one day off as my lazy “wake up on your own body clock” sort of morning, and that is ok. Routine can have that time for cool down as well. But as I have already mentioned, by having a specific time every day to start the day, you can then start to already establish even more of a routine for the rest of the morning. This consistency is arguably vital particularly during this 3rdlockdown, with most days being cold and dark, we need to find other ways of staying as motivated as possible. Lastly, I just wanted to stress significantly that by choosing to wake up earlier, you will have much more time during these shorter days to achieve more goals and targets, as the feeling of resilience tends to die off by 4 o’clock after dark.

2. Keep your phone away from your bed before sleeping

I genuinely am sad to admit that this one was very difficult for me to try. I like to be up to date on everything right up until the last minute, and going online before sleeping actually makes me pretty tired which I see as a good thing. That being said, I realised that if I were to leave my phone at the other side of my bedroom before I sleep, I’m going to need something to distract me into becoming tired. Now this may sound uncool, or untrendy or whatever, but reading a book, a physical one preferably if you have it, before you get some rest can end up being very therapeutic. It is also very well known that the richest people are actually the individuals with the most knowledge, rather than the most money and assets. Notably, I can imagine some people will strongly disagree with this statement, but I’d like to suggest that being rich in knowledge, is much more beneficial than focusing on how much is in the bank, after all, a lot of the time money can fluctuate depending on your spending habits, whilst knowledge, well, as long as it is situated in a long-term schema in your memory, that liquid gold isn’t going anywhere! Plus, where we live in the world, a lot of us are fortunate enough to be able to afford to educate ourselves where others would not have as much of an opportunity, maybe this is why we take our education for granted in a way. So yes, before I ramble on too much about this, the main idea is reading IS good habit to start!

Part 2 will be posted in the coming days, so keep an eye out!

Love El x

Published by Eleanor

Living in England as a teenager, trying to be as positive as I possibly can whilst currently fathoming my way through the first year of an undergraduate deree, holding down 2 part time job as well as spontaneously starting a blog!

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