10 positive affirmations for bad weather days – part 1

As I look outside my frost touched window whilst composing this, the snow appears to be beaming back at me with pride, as if it’s done this huge, “good deed” keeping me inside all day long. I am learning to embrace the cold weather… slowly anyway. 

I was speaking to some others about how they are dealing with the weather this lockdown, and it seems many of us are struggling much more now, than we did back in March of 2020. This is no surprise given that we are graced with such… pleasant weather here in England. Nevertheless, I set to it that I find some good in the predicament we find ourselves in, there really is positivity in everything – you just need to take the time to find it!

Below, I have created a list of positive daily affirmations, arguably not just for the cold, rainy weather, but I think they will definitely help you master up the courage to try aim for a productive day inside. 

1. You get back what you put out into the universe

I really wanted this as number one. Why you may ask? I provide the simple explanation of: an analogy. Take those that perhaps don’t try in any assignments, or don’t make any preparation for their work for example; these types of people are those that are passively working. They do the bare minimum, and so in return will most likely not receive the best grade or the best results from their efforts. It is important to note those that are always trying their best, putting an incredible amount of energy into their work, their passion or hobby will be the certain ones who DO see good results!

2. You are creating the life of your dreams

This is actually something I will think about at least once a day. Why am I putting myself through working 3 jobs? Why am I going out to get a degree? Why am I working my body every morning and every evening to work out? For the life I want in the future. Yes, it is imperative to live in the here and now, acceptance everything life throws at you, but it is also crucial to prepare for what could be around the corner. By manifesting your future and what you would like it to look like, you are actually practising the art of speaking it into existence, you just don’t realise it until it has already happened.

3. I attract what I put my energy into

Another example coming up, but I find it easier to explain ideologies this way. Say you put your energy into helping the less fortunate, you may do this for a number of reasons; self-satisfaction, the praise of others or purely for the sake of changing someone’s whole life for the better. Whatever your motive, you are doing something good, so therefore in this scenario, you are attracting help for yourself if you may need it in the future. People surprise us every day, what if that person you helped once then comes back to assist you in your time of need? This is why we should focus our drive into helping others, and stop being so selfish a lot of the time. Side note: if you don’t see yourself as selfish, I’m sure you’re not, but there ARE some self-centred people in this world (and whoever you’ve just thought of.. well… that says it all really doesn’t it).

4. Just being able to read this means I’ve won the lottery in life

When I was lucky enough to go on holiday to Cornwall last year, someone told me something very similar to this, and it frequently visits my mind when I least expect it. He said, “we really have won the lottery of life just living here, in the UK”, and I tell you what, he is totally right. We may complain about the weather, the politicians and the way our Covid predicament is being managed, and yes, I am not trying to suggest that we deserve these, because we don’t – but think of these in comparison to the way other people live, what they go through, and then it should become obvious how fortunate we really are. We have houses to live in, food on our table and clean water! Returning to the quote though, my point really was that just having the privilege of an education to read this blog, we take it for granted each and every day, when some would only dream of having what we do. 

Part 2 will be up next week 🙂

Love El xx

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Published by Eleanor

Living in England as a teenager, trying to be as positive as I possibly can whilst currently fathoming my way through the first year of an undergraduate deree, holding down 2 part time job as well as spontaneously starting a blog!

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