5 simple habits to implement into your morning routine right NOW – part 2

So you’ve been to part one, and now you’re back for more huh? I’m flattered! Without further ado, here are the last 3 tips to the 5 simple habits series!

3. Wash your face & start your skincare! 

After watching multiple Hyram reviews on Youtube, I decided to take the risk and invest in a whole new collection of skincare products for 2021, hoping I would finally be rid of acne once and for all. To my surprise, the change in products paid off! I’m not too sure whether my skin clearing up can just be explained by my change in chemicals and cleansers though, but I can imagine this plays a pretty big role in it all. Nevertheless, I’d also like to allocate some of the responsibility to the new routine I’ve created regarding looking after my skin. Every morning now after I get out of bed, I go straight to brush my teeth and complete my skincare which consists of cleansing, adding serum and moisturiser (if you would like further details on which brands and products I use, please feel free to let me know in the comments below). Then, again, in the evening I will complete the same routine, accept I will also use a chemical exfoliator. I think the trick to maintaining this habit would be to place your skincare products, if possible, in the bathroom, specifically in a place you will go to everyday – then you have no excuse but to use them!

4. Breakfast & a drink of your choice

One of my new year’s resolutions I’m really trying hard to stick to everyday is having breakfast each morning. This also must be accompanied by some sort of drink, more specifically juice or hot lemon water. I also discovered that if you are to do this, do NOT choose coffee as your beverage, unless you are planning on cooking your meal over 2 hours after you wake up. This is because, according to scientific research, your body should not have added caffeine to its system until at least midday, as it already has enough energy to maintain your concentration span – drinking coffee or any other highly caffeinated drink will only be adding extra unnecessary vigour to your body, and will not make the slightest of differences to your get-up-and-go mentality (which I do hope you have all adopted by now). So, instead of your usual coffee, perhaps try a homemade smoothie, or if you are lacking in time, a juice from concentrate (these usually help towards 1 of your 5 a day too). 

5. Journal & exercise

Reflecting on the previous day may seem an unnecessary and suggestively pointless task to add to your daily routine, but I promise you it can actually end up becoming quite fulfilling. In practising contemplation of events prior to your morning, you may be able to realise things from quite a different perspective. For example, you may have dealt with a frustrated customer at work, you write down how that person made you feel, but also about how they must have felt. This in turn may lead you to take a different approach with a similar situation in the future. Furthermore, jotting all your emotions down on paper aids you in understanding how you cope with situations, what you enjoy and what you do not, any unhealthy habits in your behaviour and also who you think fondly of. It can also be very rewarding after a long period of time to look back over your content, and realise how far you have come, how you have grown and flourished as a person.  

Exercise is also a key aspect of the day for many individuals, and hopefully in lockdown you may have a little more time on your hands to prioritise this. There are two very important points I would like to make with this area; 1. You do not have to exercise every day of the week. Allowing your body to rest is very important if you are going to build up muscle, but also just for your own sanity! And 2. find an exercise/workout routine that you actually enjoy. I wanted to highlight this in particular as I myself have tried many workout routines, all to have failed due to my lack of motivation, but the reason I am so low in my work ethic is because I don’t appreciate them! Yes, I like the benefits they bring, but combine this with a sport or activity you do like and you’re onto a winner! 

Love El x

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Living in England as a teenager, trying to be as positive as I possibly can whilst currently fathoming my way through the first year of an undergraduate deree, holding down 2 part time job as well as spontaneously starting a blog!

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