Eat Dessert First

Hi, I’m Eleanor. Previously a full-time A-level student, I’ve recently taken the daunting step of starting Eleanory – a blog discussing everything from lifestyle, to health and fitness tips. I enjoy having an optimistic outlook on life, and choose to take the bad with the good, focusing on the positives of each day.

How did Eleanory begin?

I decided to start my blog in May 2020. I’ve always thought it would be a cool idea, but I usually start a project really super motivated and happy but then never finish it, so I thought this may end up the same (something I’m trying to change). 

How would I know if my blog is “famous” (well known by like more than 5 people)? 

I’d like to say that if people interact with my platform and actually come back to check if I’ve uploaded content, that’s when I would feel like I’ve made an impact to someone’s life (hopefully). I will look forward to the day this happens very much 🙂 

Along with my studies, I have a part time job, as well as being a full time drama queen and also I really love to get really super stressed and then just laugh about it HAHHAH (I’m kidding pls ignore me ). I think I should maybe have a section where I can give everyone advice about things people want to rant about because that is something I would defiantly like to find on the web for myself because even though I don’t like to protest, how can you not? Like?? 

6 Things I Absolutely LOVE:


My close circle of people around me (lurve you)

Dogs (in fact all animals tbh but dogs especially)

Taco Bell & salt and pepper chips

Earrings and Coats

My boyfriend who doesn’t know he my boyfriend (yet) 

Thinking about collaborating?

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